Basement Renovations

Basement renovations are among the most popular and accessible home improvements in Canada. If you have an unfinished basement, finishing it to serve as a kids playground, home cinema, office or a separate rental unit is a great idea.

Any of those or similar upgrades will considerably increase the value of your property. This means the renovations project essentially pays for itself in the long or even short run.

Custom finished basement, Toronto area

Popular Basement Renovations

  1. Home Office
  2. Basement Gym
  3. Finished Laundry
  4. Billiard Room
  5. Home Spa
  6. Basement Sauna
  7. Entertainment Suite
  8. Kids Play Room
  9. Party Room
  10. Basement Bar
  11. Extra Living Space

This list goes on and on. No project is too big or small for us to accomplish.

pastel blue walls in basement living room interior. large corner sofa with blue pillows and ottoman. vintage white and blue tv cabinet

Alternately, if you already have a finished basement and wish to renovate, we are also here for you. We can improve, remodel and add features and fixtures to your heart’s delight.

Among the additional things we can do for you are,

  1. Basement Heating
  2. Basement Insulation
  3. Basement Waterproofing
  4. Basement Lighting
  5. Basement Flooring
  6. Basement Drywalls
  7. Basement Interior Design
  8. Separate Entrance and Driveway
  9. And much, much more

Millwork Basement Renovations

A lot of our custom made fixtures and cabinetry is done by automated millwork. This allows us to save a lot on manual labour, passing those savings on to our valued customers. At the same time, this innovative 3D – based manufacturing technology produces amazing custom results that surpass in quality and beauty any previously known machine-manufactured interiors.

When you work with us, you enjoy not just fast, reliable results but also a warm, friendly customer experience the entire time. The installation team is led by our company veterans, and all work is done at the hours you indicate, for your convenience and the convenience of your family.

We guarantee our work is insured and our billing is transparent and clear, allowing you to rely fully on the given budget and timeframes we set at the very beginning.

Call us now and get your basement renovation project on the way!