Home Additions

When your family has grown and you feel like you could use more space – for a nursery or a kids playground, for example – home additions is one of the best solutions to satisfy this need.

When you are considering your options and examine the advantages and disadvantages of moving or expanding your existing home, it becomes very clear that expanding it is by far the better option. Unless your family has grown twice in size, an extra

room or two can make all the difference between a cramped living space and comfy living.


Home additions are of several different types:

  1. Extra Room Addition.
  2. Sun Room or Balcony Enclosure
  3. Bump Out Addition
  4. Garage Conversion
  5. Second Storey / Attic Expansion

An extra room is when you use some of the yard space around the house to add an extra room to the building. This can be expensive, but it makes a big difference in the space you live in, as well as adds a great deal to the value of your property, increasing your equity and essentially paying for itself down the road. A bump-out is also a popular solution, especially if you don’t have a large yard to expand into.

Sun rooms are when you take a space that is essentially outdoors, and seal it in with thermal-resistant glass that creates a sunny, cozy space for you to enjoy. With modern materials and innovative construction methods, your patio becomes an additional room regardless of the weather outside.

Garage conversions are becoming a real deal as well. Parking indoors is better, but converting the garage space into an extra room is better still. Get your garage converted into an extra living space and save on a far more expensive move.

And if your house permits it, we can build it up, creating a great extra space for the entire family without having to expand into the yard. Expanding the attic is a lot like getting a second storey, only considerably cheaper.

We use the best materials and hire only top qualified crew members. Visit our gallery to see what we can do or better still – give us a call and see your dream come true!