General House Renovations

Looking to renovate your home? Look no further!

The New Space Renovation company is focused on bringing you innovative solutions to every problem and need.

Among the many services we perform are,

  1. Kitchen Renovations
  2. Bathroom Renovations
  3. Basement Finishing
  4. Basement Renovations
  5. Home Additions
  6. Smart Home Design
  7. Smart Home Conversion
  8. Windows and Doors
  9. Living Room Upgrades
  10. Stairways and Floors
  11. And much, much more

House Renovations and Upgrades

There are many reasons to renovate your home. It may be for an upcoming sale, where the renovation is an investment. It can be due to a family size increase, when a nursery or extra room. Or it can be to upgrade an outdated interior design, or to add more functionality to your space.

In any case, we are here for you.

We bring extra value to every contract, whether you’re looking for low budget, fast solutions, or for fully customized renovations and luxurious interiors. Every client is valuable to us and it’s by cherishing those relationships that we acquired our reputation for reliable, consistent excellence in everything we do.

House Renovation with Custom Millwork

Choose between a variety of materials, designs and finishes. Benefit from our access to a custom millwork shop. This innovative approach to woodworking allows us to produce mesmerising interiors at amazingly low costs, due to the automated nature of the work.

Custom millwork saves a lot of time and money which manual labour would otherwise cost. We simply put a 3D model (of the desired kitchen cabinet for example) into the computer and the machine does most of the work. Feel free to browse our gallery of custom millwork kitchens and bathrooms for examples of how magnificent it can look.

Smart House Upgrades

Another new trend is to upgrade the home systems to operate via a central circuit that saves you money on heating, lighting and makes life altogether easier. Smart homes are the future.

Home is where the heart is, so please your heart with an amazing interior design brought to life by expert workmanship brought to you by New Space Renovations.