Custom Kitchens

kitchen with island, sink, cabinets, and hardwood floors and view of living room

When you look for a kitchen renovations company, what you want is a balance between cost and value, but also to know that your project is in good hands.

Despite the fact that we are not compromissing on quality, our rates are the most competitive on GTA’s market. Thats because we own a custom millwork shop and don’t need to outsource large part of work to sub-contractors.

New Space Renovations is a privately owned company with a rich past and an eye for the future. We combine a long-standing reputation for hard, reliable work with an innovative approach that drives quality up and pushes costs down in every project we work on.

Choose between any of the popular design styles, or create your own vision – a kitchen that would be uniquely suited to your particular tastes and needs. We offer a rich variety of finishes for every taste and budget – from natural wood and stone surfaces to affordable substitutes that look no less impressive.

Smart Custom Kitchens

custom kitchen cabinets

In addition to spectacular design we also offer a range of upgrades and improvements that would turn any kitchen into a new-age facility. Automated, adjustable lighting, motion activated faucets and smart appliances are only a small part of the upgrades that can improve your life significantly and impress every guest you entertain.

Custom Millwork Kitchens

One of the things that make us stand out as a company is our access to a custom millwork shop. Millwork saves you the time and money that a custom kitchen would usually entail. You no longer have to choose between a super expensive kitchen design that takes forever to produce or a fast, ready-made, but very dull kitchen.

Custom millwork allows us to create the kitchen of your dreams in a 3D modeling environment and then have it made by an automated mill. This drives quality upwards and pushes prices down considerably, saving on expert manual labour that custom carpentry would normally require.

Feel free to browse our gallery and enjoy the great variety of custom kitchen cabinets, flooring, lighting and other upgrades our previous customers are already enjoying in their homes.

Or better yet, give us a call and get your own dream kitchen project started right away!