Smart Homes

Smart home technologies are among the most popular innovations in home design and improvement today. New Space Renovations is proud to be in the very front line of this new world, helping improve and modernize homes across Ontario.

A smart home is a home that makes your life easier by implementing systems that save you the need to perform certain tasks. Through a series of automated processes, your energy bill will be reduced to a minimum. Efficient heating, A/C, automated lighting and other systems make sure you utilize only as much energy and water as you need, saving you money in the long run.

This is not only about eco-friendly living, but about simple monthly savings as well. Good old Canadian prudence in a chrome-plated, LED-lit ultramodern package.

Smart Home Technology

We bring your home-living experience into the future by introducing a grid of systems that will control and optimize internet services, lighting, climate control, ventilation, water heating, blinds and shutters, home alarms, music system, shopping lists, cooking recipes, and more, all through one convenient application.

What this does is reduce your carbon footprint while saving you the inconvenience of controlling all those things yourself. And it pays you back, by saving you money.

In addition to gadgetry and electronics, we also offer a variety of energy-efficient windows, better home insulation, new age appliances and more.

Feel free to browse our gallery. There you will see a multitude of examples where a home was built or converted with the future in mind. Whether you are planning to renovate or create your future home from the ground up, New Space Renovations and Construction is here for you.

Our advanced construction and manufacturing facility and expert installation crews are at your service. We promise and guarantee our work is insured to the fullest and our dedicated customer care staff is here to ensure we make your dream home come true.

Call us now and get your smart home project on the way!